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I am looking for an old American friend who served in Bremerhaven in the Marines (as a wireless operator) between 10.1.1966 and 1.3.1967. I was a Marine in the German Bundeswehr in Bremerhaven (Technical Marine College 2) at The time.I having been looking for his current address for a long time now,as I would like to write to him. I lost touch with him in late 1967, as I then went to sea for a further 6 years.So far,my own research has drawn a blank,as there is no system of compulsory registration in the United States. The name of the former marine wireless operator is Terence C.Jackson. He was 19 years old then. His old address was Ottawa Boulevard,Saginaw,Michigan.He was stationed in Bremerhaven between 10.1.1966 and 1.3.1967,or perhaps even longer.I think that they called the barracks "Staging Area". Terence C.Jackson was already married at the time.Perhaps you can help me in this matter, as I would really like to write to this former American soldier. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Here is a picture from Terence C. Jackson and his wife from 1966.

Terence Jackson`s wife and the dogg "Tipsy" and Richard Stokowski at the Year 1966
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